16 Juniors from Eastleigh Aikido plus Jamie, Nicole, Alex, John, Kirsty and parents

11 Juniors from Ashford Aikido Club plus Jim and parents

8 Juniors from Winchester Aikido Club plus Bob, Alistair, Tim, Adam, William, James and parents

17 Juniors from Tanseikan plus Vanda, Sean, Volkan, Joe, Charlie and David


Starter Grades

1st Emma Whitlock & Niamh Carpenter
2nd Dylan Hawksworth & Daniel Wright
3rd Lucie Dick & Louise Young

Middle Grades

1st Rebecca Norman & Kelly Dempster
2nd Oliver Hunt & Chris Wolstenholme
3rd George Ellis & Charles Ellis

High Grades

1st Charlie Keeper & Jenna Barnes
2nd Sian House-Merritt & Africe Townsend
3rd Louis Barnes & Adam Collins


Beta B

1st Joshua Fielding, Emma Whitlock & Tamara Field-Wilson
2nd Billy Savage, Ryan Muhareem & Dylan Hawksworth
3rd Jordon Ellis, Mathew Belayneh & Oliver Rowe

Beta A

1st Lucie Dick, Curtis Price & Oliver Hunt
2nd Thomas Murphy, Jacob Platt & James Norman
3rd Louise Young, Max Magill & George Ellis

Alpha B

1st Nick Woodman, Josie Bricknell & Chris Wolstenholme
2nd Rebecca Norman, Charles Ellis & Charles Yuen
3rd Perry Robert, Louis Barnes & Bethany Norman

Alpha A

1st Sev Nzsdejan, Charlie Keeper & Freddie Hawkings
2nd Birkan Parlar, Adam Collins & Sean Muharrem
3rd Sian House-Merritt, Jenna Barnes & Ed Thomas

Tanto Taisabaki (Beta)

1st Jacob Platt
2nd Bethany Norman
3rd Curtis Price

Tanto Taisabaki (Alpha)

1st Jenna Barnes
2nd Adam Collins
3rd Ed Thomas

Best Aikidoka Awards

Africe Townsend
Kelly Dempster
Dylan Hawksworth

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