Here are the result of the grading held on 10th December 2006:

Adult section

Yoshiko Sidoli 3rd Kyu
Josie Bricknell 3rd Kyu
Andy Mahon 4th Kyu
Keiron Le Tournier 5th Kyu
Gavin Le Tournier 5th Kyu

Junior section

Josh Latter 3rd Kyu
Kelly Dempster 3rd Kyu
James Norman 4th Kyu 2nd mon
Rebecca Norman 4th Kyu 2nd mon
Hannah Aiton 4th kyu 2nd mon
Bethany Norman 4th Kyu 1st mon
Oscar Coleman 5th kyu 3rd mon
Jamie Coleman 5th kyu
James Le Tournier 5th kyu
Gemma Phipps 6th kyu 3rd mon
Sam Delfiore 6th kyu 2nd mon
Ashton West 6th kyu 3rd mon
Tristen West 6th kyu 2nd mon
Jay Jackson 6th kyu 2nd mon

Student of the year went to Josh Latter
The Aiki ‘Spirit’ award went to Rebecca Norman

Most promising new comer awards :
girls section – Hannah Aiton
boys section – Oscar Coleman

Student of the month for Nov 06 was Kelly Dempster. Dec 06 was Jamie Coleman.

The Gowa Ryu Uchi Deshi for 06 is Tom Davey.

Well done everybody!

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