Grading July 2010

An interclub ZETAR grading was held at the Genryukan dojo on 26th July 2010.

The panel was composed of Jim Dempster and Lis Jepsen from Gowaryu Aikido, Paul Smith from Mushin no Shin aikido, Phil Eyers and Christophe Courtin from Genryukan Aikido. The grading was supervised by Tom Davey and Eoin Kerrigan.

A big well done to all of those who passed, and thank you to Jim, Lis and Paul for joining us on this occasion.

The results are as below:

3rd Kyu (blue belt):

  • Martin Morris

6th Kyu (orange and stripe)

  • Simon Russel

7th Kyu (orange belt)

  • James Spencer
  • Ian Crumbie
  • Gabriel Kobol

8th Kyu (yellow belt)

  • Mark Ball
  • Lee Whitehall
  • Antonio Lambranca

Here are some pictures taken during the event:





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