The next grading will take place at the Swan Centre, S. Willesborough on Sunday 30th January 2011.

Shaun Hoddy Sensei has kindly agreed to head the panel.
The dojo will open at 9am on the day for mat laying and registration will take place from 9.30am. The grading will start at 10am sharp and continue until 2pm.
All persons grading should notify Jim BEFORE Sunday 23rd January 2011. All Dan grade applications should be submitted no later than Sunday 16th January 2011.

Dan grade applications can be sent via email via the Gowa Ryu website.
This grading is open to ALL ZETAR members. Please ensure that if you intend to grade that your membership is up to date PRIOR to applying for a grading place. All grading applications should be authorized and endorsed by your Club sensei.

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