Grading at Canvey Island on Saturday 10th July 2010.
The following were successful:
Jim Dempster – Sandan
Lis Jepsen – Shodan
Jon Pieterse – ikkyu
Matthew Drinkwater – ikkyu
Emma Rutt – nikyu
Trever Orman – nikyu
Lloyd Martin – yonkyu
Mike DeFroad – yonkyu
Kris gooding – shichikyu
Jim Arundell – shichikyu
Lynn Bracken – shichikyu
Liam Bennett – shichikyu

Congratulations to everyone!

There is a two day seminar scheduled for the 17 – 18th of July at the SAGA Pavillion.

Guest instructors will include;
• Shaun Hoddie 6th Dan
• Gregg Barton 5th Dan
• Mark Hayes Watkins 3rd Dan
• Julian Goldsmith 3rd Dan
• Jim Dempster 3rd Dan
Price is £15 per day for pre booking or £20 pounds for those paying at the door.
If you have any questions please email or call 07807 940 097

We will be hosting a self defence seminar on Wednesday 12th of May at the Saga Pavillion. Training will be between 6-8 and will cost £5’s -all proceeds will be going towards the Saga Charitable Trust.

Click here for directions

Last night Gowaryu enjoyed a Yoshinkan flavour with a visit from Meikyokai aikido club, Bexley. Neil Saunders (4th Dan) took the class through the
following exercises;
Nikajo/nikkyo/kote mawashi
Sankajo/sankyo/Tenkai kote hineri
Hiji ate/Mae otoshi
Kokyu ho
Osae waza
The evening was mainly focused on the importance of good kamae (posture), but while being relaxed. We liked how resistance from uke made no difference to the techniques, yet there was no discernable pain compliance used in locks.
Many of the techniques were focused on disturbing uke’s balance through the shoulder.
Our thanks again go to Neil Saunders, Dave Clarke, Mark Atkinson, and Rob Cole for coming down. A thoroughly interesting and enjoyable evening was had by all.