Igarashi Kazuo Shihan 7th Dan Aikikai
Kyoushi, Tenshin Shoden Katori Shintoryu

We are pleased to announce that tickets have now gone on sale for this event, see website for more information and to purchase your tickets.
Ticket holders will also benefit from fast-track entry to the event.
We expect this course to be extremely well attended and recommend booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment.
This course, set over several days, promises to be something quite special and we expect students from all over the world to attend.
The course will cover all aspects of Aikido including bokken and Jo waza.

Please refer to the course poster or website for more information on practice times Click here for course website.
Although you do not need to pay in advance for this course we recommend that you download the registration information and complete the booking form prior to arrival to save time.
To download the booking form in Microsoft format Click Here
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Venue: Pill Dojo. The Poplars, Bristol. BS20 0DH
University of Bath. New Village Site. Claverton Down, BATH, BA2 7AY

£15 for 1 day (Wed, Thurs, Fri)
£30 for 1 day (Sat or Sun)
£50 for 2 days (Sat & Sun)
£65 for 3 days (Fri, Sat, & Sun)
£75 for full course (Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun)

If you have any further questions please e-mail on info@tenchikandojo.com or call on +44 7775 610 464. For more information and for further posters and registration forms visit www.tenchikandojo.com

About Igarashi Shihan:
IGARASHI Kazuo Shihan is currently dojo-cho of Aikido Igarashi Dojos with the headquarters based in Hashimoto. Currently teaching in half a dozen dojos in the greater Tokyo area. Igarashi Sensei started his Aikido career back in 1964 at Meiji University under Kobayashi Yasuo Shihan. He later entered Kobayashi Dojos as a live in student in 1973. Igarashi Sensei went on to become a professional Aikido instructor and in 1978 was invited to teach in Sweden and Finland. In 1983 Igarashi Sensei established his first dojo in Hashimoto. Igarashi sensei was awarded his 7th Dan in 2000 and now teaches all over the world including Finland, Sweden, China, Canada, Perth. We are very proud to invite Igarashi sensei to teach in the UK

Congratulations to all those who went to Canvey Island for their test last saturday.

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Here are the result:
– Tom Davey is Shodan.
– Eoin Kerrigan, Phil Eyers and Yochi Sidoli are 1st Kyu.
– Jon Pieterse, Trevor Orman and Matthew Drinkwater are 3rd Kyu.
– Mike DeFroand is 5th Kyu

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Also well done to Mark Haye-Watkins and Nick Bailey (from our sister club Katsujinken Aikido) who reached the level of 3rd and 2nd Dan.

Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre – Saturday 27th September 2008

The National Course is held to provide an opportunity for the wider aikido family to meet together and to train in a variety of styles under some of this country’s leading instructors:

  • Gordon Jones Shihan 6th Dan Hombu
  • Quentin Cooke 5th Dan
  • Davinder Bath 5th Dan
  • Clive McDowell 4th Dan
  • Vincent Hammond 4th Dan
  • Brian Stockwell 7th Dan
  • Advance payment £20, payment on day £25

    More details here

    Following the success of the last years competition the 2008 BAA Junior Competition (South) is going to be on Saturday 15th November in High Wycombe.

    Venue: Wycombe Judo Centre
    Date: Saturday 15th November 2008

    Events to be confirmed but will follow same for mat as last year

    Under 8 Under 10 Under 12 and 14 Under 16
    Basic Kata 1-5
    Basic Kata 1-10
    Basic Kata 1-14
    Basic Kata 1-17
    Open Kata (no weapons)

    The venue is confirmed as http://www.wycombejudocentre.co.uk/.


    John Carpenter
    Eastleigh Aikido Junior Club

    As from Friday 4th January 2008 we will be running a self defence course, every Tuesday and Friday from 6.30 to 7.30pm until the end of January.

    This is open to everyone, not just club members. The course will comprise various grappling, stick and edged weapon techniques, as well as striking and control techniques as taught to the British armed forces, Japanese and UK police forces.

    This will be a mixed class, i.e. juniors and seniors will be sharing the same mat though will not train together for safety reasons.

    Each lesson will cost £4, though club members will get a rebate on this fee. There will be no gi’s worn during these training sessions, order of dress will be tracksuits.