Here are the results of the kyu grading that took place at the Saltwood Dojo on 17th July 2011:


Trevor Orman, brown

Phil Ayton, orange stripe

Manoj Patel, yellow

Stano Tvrdik, yellow


Craig Spooner, brown

Oscar Coleman, brown

Dan Binder, blue

Ben Binder, green +2 mons

Jordan Later, orange

Lauren Ayton, orange

Alex Boorman, orange

Congratulations to all who took parts.

The grading will take place on Saturday 24th September 2011 from 1pm – 3pm on the 2nd mat (juniors area) during the South Of The River seminar.
This is while Chris’ and Mick’s sessions are happening on the main mat.

Currently we have confirmed for the panel;

Shaun Hoddy
Jim Dempster
Andy Wisbey

A ZETAR grading was held at the Saltwood Dojo on Sunday 30th January 2011.
Jim Dempster, Julian Goldsmith, Phil Eyers & Tom Davey were on the panel.

The results are as follow:


1st Kyu: Emma Rutt
3rd kyu: Mike DeFroand, Lloyd Martin
8th kyu: Phil Ayton

Blue belt+2 mons: Oscar Coleman and Craig Spooner
Green belt: Dan and Ben Binder
Yellow belt: Max Gardner, Jordan Later, Alex Boorman and Lauren Ayton

Well done everybody.

The next grading will take place at the Swan Centre, S. Willesborough on Sunday 30th January 2011.

Shaun Hoddy Sensei has kindly agreed to head the panel.
The dojo will open at 9am on the day for mat laying and registration will take place from 9.30am. The grading will start at 10am sharp and continue until 2pm.
All persons grading should notify Jim BEFORE Sunday 23rd January 2011. All Dan grade applications should be submitted no later than Sunday 16th January 2011.

Dan grade applications can be sent via email via the Gowa Ryu website.
This grading is open to ALL ZETAR members. Please ensure that if you intend to grade that your membership is up to date PRIOR to applying for a grading place. All grading applications should be authorized and endorsed by your Club sensei.

The Saltwood club now has an official name, logo and website!

Hassou Aikido (

Hassou Aikido has been founded by Eoin Kerrigan and Phil Eyers.

Training is every wednesday, from 7:30 to 9:30 pm, and is open to anyone over the age of 16.

The venue is the “Lad’s Club” in Saltwood (Rectory Lane, Saltwood, Hythe, CT21 4PZ )

The first session is free, and any subsequent ones are £5.

A beginners course will start in November 2010, but everybody is welcome and encouraged to come.

For more information, visit

Just to remind everyone, there will be NO TRAINING on the following dates:
Oct 1st, Oct 8th, Oct 22nd, Nov 5th, Dec 3rd.
(all Fridays).

Ashford venues will also be closed over the festive season.

Brunel University West London – Saturday 9th October 2010

The National Course is held to provide an opportunity for the wider aikido family to meet together and to train in a variety of styles under some of this country’s leading instructors.

Brunel University West London has a well equipped sports centre. The Dojo is light and airy, will provide a training area of approximately 250 mats, plus space for spectators The Course is open to all aikidoka aged 18 years and over. Those not holding a current BAB insurance certificate will be required to pay an additional 5 pounds to cover insurance.

Visit the BAB website for more information.