Eoin Kerrigan

Eoin Kerrigan

Starting 15th September, there will be a new Wednesday training session in the Lad’s Club in Saltwood, near Hythe, coached by Eoin Kerrigan.

The lesson will run from 7:30 until 9:30 and mat fees will be £5.

At 9:30 we will de-mat and repair to the pub across the road for our cool down.

All are welcome, and while a beginners class is envisioned, or at least a class that focuses on the basic skills as a core to enlightenment, or sommit, we’ll obviously help more senior grades to where they want to be too.

Follow this link for a map to the venue.

As a fund raiser and to honour Yamada Sensei Shukumei Aikido Kai will be hosting an event on the 12 September between 18:00 and 21:00 at the Scout Hut in Otford Kent. The price will be £10 but all proceeds will be sent to Sensei Yamada’s daughter.

To learn more visit the Shukumei website or email Rob.

It is with sadness that I report that Senta Yamada Sensei passed yesterday the 8th August at 5pm. Yamada sensei has made many contributions to the development of Aikido and will be deeply missed by all.
All those wishing to send messages of condolence should send them to:

Tomoko san,
302, 2-37-24, Wakamiya,
Fukuoka City,

There are also proposed plans for a memorial – to learn more please visit the Tomiki Aikido UK facebook group.

**For your Diaries**

On the following dates there will be no training….
Sept 3rd | Sept 24th
Oct 1st | Oct 8th | Oct 22nd
Nov 5th
Dec 3rd
There will soon be a calendar on the site which you can follow these dates on! :o)

We are back at the Swan Centre, Tuesdays AND Fridays (there will be no training on the 1st Friday of every month).

Just a quick reminder to everyone that there is no training tonight, Friday 30th July in Ashford.
AND no training with the Sunday Syndicate on 1st August.

Back to normal from next week.
The first Friday each month is a rest day, so NO TRAINING on Friday 6th August 2010.

An interclub ZETAR grading was held at the Genryukan dojo on 26th July 2010.

The panel was composed of Jim Dempster and Lis Jepsen from Gowaryu Aikido, Paul Smith from Mushin no Shin aikido, Phil Eyers and Christophe Courtin from Genryukan Aikido. The grading was supervised by Tom Davey and Eoin Kerrigan.

A big well done to all of those who passed, and thank you to Jim, Lis and Paul for joining us on this occasion.

The results are as below:

3rd Kyu (blue belt):

  • Martin Morris

6th Kyu (orange and stripe)

  • Simon Russel

7th Kyu (orange belt)

  • James Spencer
  • Ian Crumbie
  • Gabriel Kobol

8th Kyu (yellow belt)

  • Mark Ball
  • Lee Whitehall
  • Antonio Lambranca

Here are some pictures taken during the event:





A new training ground has been established and will be made available on Sunday the 25th July at Saltwood Lads Club in Hythe. The Sunday Aikido Syndicate is invitation only and will be only extended to those who can successfully demonstrate the full RNK and RNK no Ura Waza on both sides. The syndicate will cost £15 pounds per month.

The Swan Centre is in the final stages of its renovation and we have been able to secure training for fridays in addition to the Tuesday with the exception of the first friday of every month. Moving fridays to the Swan Center will mean that the mats will be in one location giving us a much larger mat space to train in. Once we have been notified that we can move back into the Swan Centre we will publish a date.